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    We want to welcome you to Crossroads!

    What is the service time?   

    10:30 am Sunday mornings. The service runs to about noon on most Sundays.

    What should I expect and how do people dress? 

    We are a Montana church. That means most people dress casually. Blue jeans are common. Others prefer to dress up a little more. It is totally up to you. Our worship services focus on two main parts: Worship Time and Sermon Time. The worship music is led by the Crossroads worship team consisting of various instruments including drums and bass. This time is spent in singing mixed with reading of the Bible. This is followed by the sermon in which a section of the Bible is read and its meaning is made clear. Our pastors make it a priority to make sure you understand what the Bible says and what that means to you and me.  Between these two parts of the service, children are dismissed to go to Children’s church. Parents are encouraged to escort their children to the classes. 

    Kid’s church

    Kid’s church teaches an age appropriate Bible lesson to the children each Sunday. This allows the parents to devote their full attention to the message. It also helps the children enjoy church because they have a lesson that they can understand. This is specifically for children older than toddlers and up to 12 years in age. The children’s church class is being held in the conference room on the main floor across the hall from the nursery.

    Nursery and Toddlers

    Our nursery and toddler rooms are to the right after entering the large fellowship hall inside the church. Large glass windows allow you to look in on your child without disturbing them. Feel free to check on them anytime. Nursery and toddler care is available from 10:45 am until after the morning service on Sundays.

    Child Safety

    We take safety of your precious children as a first priority. All of our children’s worker adults have been carefully screened and completed a background check. We have added security cameras in all the children's rooms for added safety. 


    What? Popcorn? That's right!  After most Sunday Services we offer free popcorn in the fellowship hall near the stairs that go to the classrooms. Please keep the popcorn limited to the fellowship hall.


    Free coffee is available each week. Most weeks we also have a few snacks out before the service in case you come a bit hungry.

    Java for Missions: Sunday Morning Espresso!

    We also offer espresso in the fellowship hall. All donations to Java, after coffee expenses, go directly to aid orphans and women in dire straits in Asia. This is a good time to have a double!

    Church Location:

     Google maps also includes our old location on this map. Make sure you come to the one that is pinned. We are on Meridian Road.

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    Passionately Pursuing Spiritual Maturity
    1297 Meridian Road
    Victor, MT 59875

    (406) 961-5299
    We invite you to worship with us!

    Sunday Service @ 10:30 AM
    Purpose of Crossroads:
    CHRIST - To bring glory to Christ in worship
    COMMUNITY - To join closely together on the road of life
    COMMISSION - To be active in Kingdom service
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