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    Sunday Worship Service
    Meeting at 10:30 AM

    Our  Worship Service is divided in two basic components:

    1.    Praise and Worship
    At Crossroads, we seek to worship the LORD our God with all of our heart.  As we come together each Sunday, it is our great desire to have you join us before the heavenly throne of God.  Psalm 63:4
    states: "I will praise you as long as I live, and in your name will I lift up my hands." 
    At times we clap.  At times we are awestruck as we draw near God.  During our worship service we abandon ourselves and join the multitudes before the throne of the Living God in songs of praise.

    2.    Sermon
    Crossroads is dedicated to careful preaching of God's Word.  We take very seriously the command of Paul to Timothy to be a good workman in the hanling of scripture (2 Tim 2:15).  Preaching of the Bible at Crossroads is expositional in style.  This means that we let the text speak for itself... we expose the text.  We make every effort to show how the text relates to everyday life.  We work hard at application of the Bible to daily life.

    3.    Nursery/Preschool and Children's Church
    Nursery, preschool and Children's Church is available during the service for children up to 10 year old.
    Passionately Pursuing Spiritual Maturity
    1297 Meridian Road
    Victor, MT 59875

    (406) 961-5299
    We invite you to worship with us!

    Sunday Service @ 10:30 AM
    Purpose of Crossroads:
    CHRIST - To bring glory to Christ in worship
    COMMUNITY - To join closely together on the road of life
    COMMISSION - To be active in Kingdom service
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